ASSETS19 – Paper Accepted – VA guidelines!

My MS thesis student, Antony Rishin, and I are looking forward to sharing our latest study on Voice Assistants for accessibility. Check out an advance copy here: “Reading Between the Guidelines: How Commercial Voice Assistant Guidelines Hinder Accessibility for Blind Users.”

Voice assistants like Google and Siri hold great potential for people who are blind––no screens (sort of)! But, research done by my student Ali Abdolrahmani uncovered significant usability and accessibility challenges. Antony Rishin and I decided to find out whether these challenges can be explained by the voice assistant design guidelines that are published by companies. We did a content analysis of hundreds of pages of guidelines from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple (which had shockingly sparse design documentation), and Alibaba. Long story short, there’s a lot of work to be done to bring these documents up to speed on accessible, usable experiences for people who are blind and others.

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