CHI21 – Paper Accepted – Latte: Automating use case testing for accessibility

I was fortunate to collaborate with some of my colleagues in Software Engineering here at UCI, on this work led by PhD student Navid Salehnamadi. Latte builds on the pervasive practices of GUI use case testing, instead simulating screen reader (for people who are blind) and switch (for people who have limited dexterity) navigation through Android apps. Check out the technical details, how this approach outperforms contemporary methods, and what we learn about the future of accessible app development.

Salehnamadi, N., Alshayban, A., Lin, J.-W., Ahmed, I., Branham, S.M., Malek, S. “Latte: Use-Case and Assistive-Service Driven Automated Accessibility Testing Framework for Android.” In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’21), Online Virtual Conference (originally Yokohama, Japan), May 8-13, 2021. (acceptance rate: 26%)

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