Award – Named Among Popular Science’s “Brilliant 10”

In what can only be described as a surreal distinction, Popular Science has generously named me among their “Brilliant 10” early-career innovators in STEM for 2021. As described on their website:

Fresh eyes can change the world, and a world stressed by a pandemic, climate change, and inequity is one more ripe for change than we have ever experienced before. That’s why, after a five-year break, Popular Science is bringing back the Brilliant 10: an annual roster of early-career scientists and engineers developing ingenious approaches to problems across a range of disciplines. To find those innovators, we embarked on a nationwide search, vetting hundreds of researchers from institutions of all stripes and sizes. These thinkers represent our best hopes for navigating the unprecedented challenges of tomorrow—and today.

For more details, check out the spotlight:

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