Research “Microtalk”

Dean Bowman nominated me to present a “microtalk” of my work at UMBC’s Interdisciplinary Faculty Social Hour. My opening line: “If this were a nanotalk, I would say ‘people with disabilities deserve technologies that don’t isolate or stigmatize them.’ But it’s a microtalk, so you’re stuck with me for a couple more minutes.”


CHI18 – Best Paper Award!

Our research paper “Gender Recognition or Gender Reductionism?” has been selected to receive a Best Paper Award (top 1% of submissions) at CHI 2018.  CHI continues to show its commitment to diversity and inclusion as it helps us raise awareness of transgender safety and wellbeing. Thank you!

I should also add that, when you love who you work with, good things happen. It’s been a delight to collaborate on this project with postdoc Foad Hamidi (coming to the job market in Fall 2018!) and my fabulous MS student advisee, Morgan Scheuerman (check for his application to your PhD programs this Spring!).

Talk – UW DUB – Interdependence and Assistive Tech.

I had a wonderful time reflecting on the research I’ve been conducting with collaborators over the last two years last Wednesday. Nothing compares to the energy and insights brought by the bright minds at UW DUB. Slides and video to come soon.

ASSETS17 – Slides & Paper posted – Assistive Tech. for Safety

Check out our accessible slides (see the slide notes) and paper on technologies for interpersonal safety for people who are blind.

Branham, S.M., Abdolrahmani, A., Easley, W., Scheuerman, M., Ronquillo, E., Hurst, A. “‘Is Someone There? Do They Have a Gun?’: How Visual Information About Others Can Improve Personal Safety Management for Blind Individuals.” In Proceedings of the ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers & Accessibility (ASSETS ’17), Baltimore, MD, October 30 – November 1, 2017. 10 pages. (acceptance rate: 26%)