Hello world. I’m Stacy.

I research and design technologies that promote safety and wellbeing.

(and I’m excited to join the faculty of UC Irvine’s Department of Informatics this fall!)

I am a Lecturer and Human-Centered Computing researcher in Information Systems at UMBC. I lead the INclusive Social IT (INSĪT, as in “insight”) Lab.

My research sits at the intersection of Human-Centered Computing and Accessible Computing, exploring how technologies mediate colocated interpersonal relationships, specifically in regards to how they affect the physical safety and social wellbeing of marginalized people. My recent and ongoing studies investigate technological threats to safety and wellbeing as people with vision impairments navigate public spaces, as people with disabilities encounter law enforcement at protests, as blind parents care for their children at home, and as transgender people socialize in online and offline spaces. Themes I investigate include empowerment, disability and chronic health conditions, gender, algorithmic bias, interdependence, and ethics in design research.

Before joining the faculty at UMBC, I completed a postdoc with Shaun Kane studying mixed-ability collaborative settings. I earned my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech studying media spaces for  domestic communication under mentorship of Steve Harrison.